South Dakota’s Crazy Horse Monument invaded by UFO

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Recently, a rather extraordinary moment occurred in the sky, just above the Crazy Horse Monument located in South Dakota. Crazy Horse, is the world’s largest mountain carving that is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This is a memorial for all Native American tribes, it is considered The Eighth Wonder of the World which is still in progress.

Image: Crazy Horse monument from Pinterest

Image: Crazy Horse monument from Pinterest

It is here, where a large shaped hexagon image was photographed and later enhanced by a YouTuber known as MB Bradbury. He is known to provide great depth analysis to numerous different objects flying in our skies.

Bradbury considers himself a watchman of sorts, protector, and theoretical scientist who studies strange happenings on Earth. One of his latest videos, from his YouTube channel MrMBB333 shows something quite unusual, that happened where Native American legend Crazy Horse, has been honored.

Crazy Horse monument UFO enhanced

For whatever different reasons, these strange shaped circles have been appearing lately as some people have admitted to actually seeing them with the naked eye. Perhaps tapping into some spiritual type of energies, these anomalies found in the sky, have produced some rather interesting results recorded on camera so far.

Bradbury mentions in his video titled: “Hovering Hexagon “UAP” above Crazy Horse Monument, S Dakota” that he has never seen anything quite like this before. Sure, there are numerous UFOs that appear each and every day around the world, but this one just seemed different from the others.

He also monitors Earth’s UV activity, watching closely as he records daily measurements and any type of extremities that he happens to come across. He started tracking and monitoring UFO type activity, around a decade ago.

Crazy Horse monument UFO

Regarding the UFO anomaly, it appears to be reminiscent of an actual honeycomb. Clearly, in the photos, you can see varying lighting sources and multiple openings or holes inside this spacecraft of sorts. Also, there appears to be a singular circular orb seen at varying different spots in the demonstrated snapshots.

ufo alien honeycomb

Oddly enough, there is a phobia known as Trypophobia. This is intense fear or irrational thought people sometimes can have. It revolves around people seeing irregular patterns or clusters like bumps or holes. In nature, a honeycomb is made up of hexagonal prismatic wax cells built by honey bees.

This is done to contain or store their larvae, honey and pollen. Comparably, could this strange object seen in the sky, be some kind of insect type alien species? The speculations linger on about what this might actually be. Unless this is a part of a private or secret government project, this could be evidence of alien life here on Earth. Certainly, this is a standout among other UFO objects spotted more recently. The native Americans have been told over generations, that we fell from the stars. Perhaps there is even more significance to this.

The picture below, is what the completed project of the Crazy Horse monument will look like after completed.

Completed project Crazy Horse monument vision

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