Ghost Manifests Itself Inside Hospital Surgery Room

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While the video is an older one. It has been seen over 800,000 times on YouTube. The video only lasts for 35 seconds but during this time, a spirit of sorts manifests behind double doors.

Ghost Manifests Itself Inside Hospital Surgery Room

Two orderlies were joking and goofing around with one another. One of them can be seen smiling outside of an operating room. The doors look typical, until what resembles a ghost is seen wandering by in the background. This was captured by one of the staff with their cell phone.

This ghostly spirit, then goes on to move a small support table with wheels inside of the room. This small table seems to have been pushed in their general direction. From this point on, everyone there became quite uncomfortable. Moments later, they exit out of the room from fear.

Hospitals have been known to be a hotspot for paranormal activity. People who work there, have stories about things that have happened. Nurses, doctors and others have witnessed bizarre happenings.

Sometimes ghostly spirits are so terribly upset, they simply cannot move on into the afterlife. Perhaps this video is evidence of something like this. Either that or it was merely someone wandering by at that moment. However, where did they go?

The shadowy figure seen, seems to wander past the double doors of a surgery room. Whatever it was, it moved rather quickly. During the few moments seen, it almost appears as if this “ghost” was walking.

If this was some kind of ghost, it would likely be a former patient who died here or perhaps someone who worked here long ago. This ghost showed no signs of interest in the orderlies in the hallway. This ghost was focused and ready for something. We can only guess what, when and why. This video was recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico at an undisclosed hospital.

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