Ghostly Discombobulated Heads

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While many have seen full bodied apparitions before, there are those who have witnessed ghostly discombobulated heads floating around. Although these ghost heads are more rare by comparison, some have seen them in certain moments.

This image was a manipulation made by Photoshop someone did. The ghost head was taken from an illustration by Stephen Gammell for “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.

His illustrations have given some people nightmares. Stephen was raised in Iowa and his parents provided him with plenty of pencils, paper and lots of encouragement. His father was an art director for a major magazine and brought home periodicals for Stephen to be inspired by.

While the image of a floating head is creepy and disturbing in its own right, there are even more sinister things out in the world. It makes one wonder what goes on behind closed doors in secret. Keep your wits about you and pay attention to things around wherever you are.

Unfortunately, there have been crimes where decapitated heads have been found in modern times. Perhaps the spirit of this hapless victims head, was left behind. This would possibly explain why people have seen a floating ghost head before. Losing one’s head, would be fatally traumatic. It is an eerie thought to turn around and see a floating ghost head behind you for example.

There have been stories of heads dating back for years. Some of them quite gruesome. In the dark ages, executions happened and well many folks literally lost their heads. From all of this bloodshed the remains of these heads, have been left behind along with their tortured spirits.

In mythology, there are stories like Orpheus’s Singing Head. The son of a muse, Orpheus was a Greek mythological hero, who possessed godlike musical skills. Orpheus failed to retrieve his wife from Hades and fell into a deep depression.

He was later ripped limb from limb after everything that happened, rejecting the advances of other women. Eventually, his head washed up onto the shores of Lesbos and was nailed to his lyre. There have been illustrations made showing this. Floating ghost heads are things of nightmares. Don’t lose your head while reading over this.

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