Alien Civilization Suspected On Mars, Former NASA Scientists Claim Giant Face & Pyramid Are Real

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Since the mid-1970’s, people have suspected something has been happening on the planet Mars. The Viking 1 launch happened on August 20th, 1975. Not long after this, the Viking 2 was launched on September of 1975. These probes were created to photograph the planet of Mars along with anything else of interest. 

While these probes were in orbit, they captured a number of different photographs. Eventually, both probes would land on Mars in 1976. High-resolution images were taken of Mars and the hope was to find any signs of life on the planet. People were curious about different structures, compositions and the atmosphere itself. 

Some curiosities were captured on camera. One of them being a large sized rock type formation that resembled a stone cut face. NASA claimed that this face was just an illusion of sorts. The shadows formed definitions that made these rocks look like a face or mask. In their original caption of the picture, NASA described it as a “huge rock formation… which resembles a human head… formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth.”

While the Viking 1 probe circled around Mars, this probe was the one that first recorded this astonishing face that was seen. The area where the face was located, was later given the name Cydonia. The red planet of Mars, has since fascinated people for quite some time. There have been many stories about it and much mystery surrounds this planet. 


Not far away, also was a discovery. A pyramid was also found. This led people to speculate any kind of ties to Egyptian history and previous alien visitors. Perhaps there is some kind of connection but this is mere speculation at this point. 

Many believe that alien visitation is happening in modern times as well. These aliens may have setup a base or colony on Mars in the past and quite possibly the face and pyramid are remnants left behind. Some think that an underground base may exist and anytime NASA or other space agencies capture something, the feed it miraculously cut off or altered later.

Multiple insiders who previously worked for NASA stated that the agency is not always honest. People are only be disclosed information now, because they are able to accept the possibility of alien life and visitation. An ongoing joke is, NASA stands for “Never A Straight Answer”. Strange mishaps and questionable decisions only further push distrust towards the space agency. 

One major moment of stupid, was when they erased 40 different rolls of film from the Apollo Program. These leaves us with many questions, including what was recorded on these rolls of film? They determined what we could and couldn’t see. 

Bob Dean, who is a retired United States Army Command Sergeant Major gave a lecture on footage and photos, that had been erased and also kept hidden for decades. He is among others who suspect a major series of cover-ups have taken place. 

Dr. John Brandenburg is a scientist, who worked for the government and had top-secret security clearances on various different projects. John worked on the Rocket Plume Regolith Interactions on the Moon and Mars, Vortex theory of Rocket engine design and the combined Sakharov-Kaluza-Klein theory of Field Unification, for purposes of space propulsion and Mars science. 

John mentioned more about the face on Mars and the D & M pyramid. This is what he had to say, “If you see on a planet that used to be Earth-like, a carved human face and a pyramid within 5 km of each other… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this all means, you can connect the dots…

I mean sometimes, and I can tell you as a scientist and I’ve seen other scientists do this, if you’re cornered, you’re just brazing it out, you hold up a picture of a buffalo and insist that it’s a dog.”

Other scientists include Dr. Brain O’Leary and Dr. Norman Burgrun who also believe cover-ups have taken place. Fantasy or reality, there is no defined answer yet about Mars. All of the activity surrounding this planet and our interaction with it, is quite suspicious to say the least.

A number of people also believe that ‘The Anunnaki’ built the pyramids on Earth and possibly on Mars. The Anunnaki are Sumerian deities, who constituted the divine assembly presided over by An and Enlil and of whom seven were judges in the after world. For now, we can only hope for the real truth to be revealed.

(Source: Humans Are Free)

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