Haunted Doll Dispute Gets Settled On British Television Show

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The episode aired recently on Judge Rinder, a courtroom show series in the United Kingdom during Halloween. This series is comparable to The People’s Court seen in the USA. One man was seeking the rest of his payment for a doll purchased from him. The amount in total was 800 pounds around $1,028.15 in United States Dollars. He claimed that his new doll told him not to pay for the rest.

Chris Power on Judge Rinder

Defendant Chris Power proclaims that his doll “Angela” is both haunted and special. This man paid only 200 pounds for the doll so far. It is strange why the man who sold the doll, allowed him to take it for less than the amount asked anyway.

However, perhaps some kind of payment arrangement was made? The entire court case is bizarre and unlikely to ever be seen again on television. Judge Rinder it seems was not impressed by the doll or the video seen showcasing a ghost cat on video. Rinder even mocks the doll towards the end of the episode as the audience chuckles.

There appears to be no feline spirit seen in the video evidence, yet the man insists that there is one. The doll named Angela, is displayed inside the courtroom inside what appears to be a coffin of some sort.

Itv Judge Rinder Chris Power Doll episode

Discussions heat up, as Power and Judge Rinder talk about Angela the doll being evil or not. As the courtroom drama unfolds, Rinder learns about the promise to pay the requested 800 pounds. It is learned that Power promised to purchase the doll for this amount through postal mail. When Power backed out of the deal, he found himself in this court to settle as seen.

When Power was asked why he refused to hold up his end of the deal, he offered a truly amazing excuse. “Well, Angela told me mustn’t pay it,” Power revealed, “I know it sounds mad and bizarre, but that’s the truth.”

Things didn’t go well for Power, as he was later ordered by the court to pay the remaining pounds to the doll’s former owner. Judge Rinder remarked, “Have a word with Angela, just to make sure she doesn’t say something awful.”

Haunted doll Judge Rinder Itv

This episode it seems was themed for the season but many things happen that defy logic and reason. Why anyone would pay this much for a doll like this is outrageous. Nowadays, there seems to be niche in everything. Doll collectors among others are passionate about their hobby. Chris Power learned things the hard way it seems.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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