Sifting through Stull Cemetery

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There are places so dreadful that when you walk near them—you feel either sick to your stomach or as if something might be watching you. This is one of those places, it is known as Stull Cemetery, located in a rural part of Kansas known as Stull it is considered one of the most creepy places on Earth. There are rumors of it being a gateway to Hell itself. And the church which once stood atop of the hillside, has since fallen mysteriously.

This location is believed to be used by devil worshipers and sacred rituals have taken place here. The population of Stull is a mere 20 people. During the 20th century, there were several tragedies which happened. Both of these occurrences actually happened and are not just legend and folklore tales.

A father decided to burn his field to clear it away, afterward he found his son who was charred to the bone. Another incident which actually happened was a man who was missing, was found dangling from a tree branch with a rope around his neck after being hung. These deaths plagued this area and things from then on marked this place on the map as a terrible place to be.


Stull is believed to be part of the 7 gateways to Hell itself. The church which stood tall, is now gone having been demolished. With much curiosity, those in the area who are brave enough to sneak a peek are strongly cautioned not to do so. Even the police patrol this area on Halloween. This place is so unholy that Pope John Paul II even refused to allow his plane to fly over the eastern part of Kansas.


Whatever this place is or the land there is something not sacred at all. There is not much left of the small village which once stood here. The church which once rested atop of Stull’s Emmanuel Hill only has traces left of what it used to be. Among the overgrown trees and rubble remains are graves scattered alongside the hill and field.

Back in 1978 there were 150 college students in the cemetery during Halloween and later in 1988 500 kids gathered there during Halloween. These students vandalized the cemetery grounds and later a fence was established to keep unwelcome visitors out. This is one place certainly to avoid.

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