Mutant Freak Held Captive At Remote Romanian Zoo

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Since this video was released, it has never been entirely explained. Speculations about this mention it being fake or a clip from the television series “The X-Files”.

However, neither have been presented as the truth. Even stranger is, the location where this was recorded may not even exist today. The belief about this is, a cover-up of sorts was set in motion to hide what may have taken place. 

Was experimentation happening here? What appears to be a human-like being, looks more mutant by comparison. Perhaps there are some exclusive zoos that exist, where people pay to see different experiments in person. The unsettling footage does grab your attention. From what is understood, the video dates back to 2014. 

Humanoid Creature Was Captured in an Abandoned Zoo in Romania

One backpacker was traveling through a rural part of Romania. They allegedly discovered a secret illegal location that was operated by traffickers. The location itself was guarded, yet somehow this person managed to smuggle a camera inside. 

Who knows what other random and disturbing experiments have been going here, while it was still in operation. The general public had no idea what was going on here for quite some time. Little did they realize the kind of exhibits that were on display here. 

The video begins with the seen backpacker explaining about the zoo here. The place has deformed animals caged up in what look like sheds. After a short while, the image suddenly goes black as he attempts to make his way through a crowd of people. In the background, the people here can be heard whispering and talking among-st one another. 

When the image appears again, a set of steel bars can be seen. The crowd is in awe of something unusual. Moments later, line of sight is available to see. What resembles a humanoid creature, is moaning and staggering widely on its knees. 

It can be heard moaning in agony for a few moments. This mutant looking humanoid appears to be disfigured and has been kept against its will. The footage cuts to black and people are left wondering what they have seen.

Certainly, CGI could have been created for this. The image does appear blurry and the quality isn’t that great, which allows more leeway for special effects to be used. This remains to be an interesting yet questionable video.

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