35 year old woman looks like a baby

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Maria Audete do Nascimento

Sometimes in life things can happen to us even at birth. People are born in all different shapes, colors and sizes. We are complex machines even the slightest thing can go wrong and we become vulnerable. People act and think their tough—yet we wander around in glass-like bodies waiting to break. Eventually, we all do whether we want to or not.

What happened this time around is rather extraordinary. It is an extremely rare condition which affects the thyroid. Her name is Maria Audete do Nascimento. Maria suffers from such a severe deficiency of the thyroid hormone it stunted her physical and even mental development.

If treated, perhaps Maria would have aged normally. However, she comes from a poor beginning. She is 35 years old now and looks much like an infant.


Maria is unable to talk, she has been taken care of much like a young baby. The University of Ceara Facility of Medicine does believe Maria will never change from this point in time. Perhaps if something was done earlier—she could have sustained a normalized life. They have agreed to give Maria free treatment. This may help her at some level, being able to eat and perhaps begin saying a few words.

Maria photos

The family lives in a mud house in Ceara, Brazil there she lives with her father and his second wife. Her biological mother died 13 years ago. Her stepmother named Dora takes care of her now. With the cost of medications they simply cannot afford them. Dora also believes that she was meant to take care of Maria as the child was sent to her as a gift. The population of this area consists of nearly 8.9 million people.

Maria and mom

Maria was born May 7th, 1981. She is loved by her family and maintains some sort of functional existence. One thing for sure, she seems to be loved and that is what matters most. Unfortunately, she will not know other joys of life due to her condition however.

As things are now, she remains a child which is what some parents wish for and that she never grows up. Learning about stories such as this one can’t help but be humbled. Some people are really struggling with different things in life some more than others. It seems that Maria is now able to even walk some after some treatments which was a big step for her and a real blessing to her parents. They seem proud of Maria.

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