Mysterious Colombian cave creature video

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Man enters cave in Columbia finds cave creature

Whatever this rather unusual creature is, a video was taken of it back in the year 2011. The entire setup of this scenario reeks of fraudulence. However, it hasn’t been entirely debunked to date either. With the supposed use of CGI or puppetry a creature is seen. A man roams around outside of a cave. He is then seen roaming around further, before he meets up with some sort of creature seen several scenes later.

This skeletal-alien like being, has detailed features seen, as he shines his flashlight upon its face. What this creature is…isn’t known, only that it appears to be upset after being awakened. It is suggested that this creature was living in this hidden cavern for a while. It is suspicious how the man knew exactly where to shine the light on the face of this creature in the cave. Perhaps this was to avoid revealing the puppeteer and/or the creature’s “mechanical secrets”.

Mystery man cave creature encounter

Not everyone believes this is fake, a number of people have analyzed this footage over and over again. There are some interesting points made though about the video. This includes the number of cameras used to get each of these camera shots. The featured man seen, has his face blurred out for whatever different reasons. This is kind of unusual, maybe he was simply embarrassed about being in this video.

Cave creature video Columbia awakened

Perhaps this was a part of some sort of student film or a low budget production of some sort. Some people have labeled this creature as an alien cave troll. Music and sound effects have either been added in later for effect or were originally a part of this video footage.

Where this took place was in Columbia, this country is known for its landscape that includes lush rain forests. This only adds to the atmosphere of this remote cave location which is seen. The man featured is heard yelling as he is completely freaked out by what it is that he witnessed. The cameraman however, doesn’t seem too rattled. They are able to continue recording this cave creature, which appeared originally to be sleeping on the rocky cave floor below.

Cave creature video Columbia

There are unexplained things which exist and from curiosity—we desperately search to find the truth of things, as we find more answers along the way.

The YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon ended up with this video. And since the first upload back on May 23rd of 2011, the video has since spread across the internet. Maybe someone will come forward with more information about this video and who actually recorded it.

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