Musician Billy Corgan witnesses reptilian shapeshifter transformation

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Rock musician Billy Corgan, recently appeared on the Sirius XM radio show hosted by Howard Stern and made a rather shocking announcement. What he said, continues to fuel the fires of a burning massive conspiracy, being kept in secret for many years.

Billy said, that he had witnessed what appeared to be some kind of shapeshifter, in the room with him. When he turned around, the person that was there no longer looked like who they were. They transformed right in front of him.

Billy Corgan alien reptilian shape shifters

Billy didn’t give any names, but we can only assume it is someone within the music industry. Whether or not this was alien or something native to the Earth, is unclear. Billy sincerely mentioned all of this, in a casual conversation interview with Howard Stern and Robin Quivers on The Howard Stern Show.

What scares people more, is that Billy Corgan mentioned this. While many stereotypical assumptions can be made about him being on some kind of drug or hallucinating about what he had seen—it is more scary to think about the possibility of all of this being very real. He admits, he was sober during the time and this was a transformation he simply couldn’t explain.

Corgan said:

“Let’s just say, I was with somebody once and I saw a transformation that I can’t explain… I saw it. I was totally sober. Imagine you’re doing something, you turn around and suddenly there’s somebody else standing there. It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

Billy Corgan went on to say, that he couldn’t explain why this happened and why it happened right in front of him. Did this reptilian feel threatened in some way by Corgan or was it trying to communicate something to him by doing this?

Alien reptilians Miley Cyrus and others

During the interview, he also made mention about the record industry- Illuminati, a group of higher up individuals controlling influence and power. These non-human reptilians, have their say and make things happen a certain way.

Logically, him mentioning all of this, doesn’t make any real sense for his career and reputation. There undoubtedly will be people saying he is doing all of this for show, just to get attention.

Lady Gaga made mention about Prince Charles being some kind of reptilian. The Prince shape shifted right in front of her, leaving her speechless for a while. She later told senior staff, that the King Of England ‘is not human’. Who knows just how far all of this goes? Only a select small group, controls nearly all the wealth in the world, which is destroying our present and future. Are they alien reptilians in disguise? Perhaps so.

(Source: Neon Nettle)

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