Baby vampire doll video goes viral

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Recently, a video has been circulating involving what appears to be a vampire doll perched on top of a stone slab. (Perhaps this is part of someone’s grave) A bottle of red colored juice, suggests that the baby has been feeding on real blood.

baby vampire doll graveyard evening

Labeled in the video description reads: “A sculptor created this baby vampire doll and placed it in a graveyard. As it perched itself on a tombstone, it eerily followed the cameraman around with its creepy smile and intense eyes.”

Whoever recorded this, didn’t expect such a response online. It is slowly becoming viral, as it spreads its way across the internet. What purpose it served is unclear. However, those who have seen the video, are eager for another installment of what happens next. The doll does seem to have a demonic looking persona about it.

People are asking where they can get a doll like this, as they prepare early for Halloween or they are merely curious about it. The doll’s eyes seemingly follow the cameraman, as they move around back and forth…demonstrating how the eyes keep following them. The eyes are likely LCD and motion sensing enabled. Music and sound effects soon follow as seen in the video.

baby vampire doll graveyard

The video footage lasts for almost 2 minutes at 1:41. It was titled as Baby Vampire Doll – 986163. This disturbing toy, is propped ever so slightly to suggest it is up to no good. The nightmarish toy, is getting praise as its unsettling eyes seem to suggest to the viewer…that feeding time is soon.

The camera continues to pan around trying to add atmosphere to the footage. The baby’s hairline, is a standout among the clothing it has on, reminiscent of a stereotypical Dracula look with a bowtie to boot.

The music continues throughout the video up until the end. This seems to create an unsettling scenario for viewers. In just a few days, the video has spread quickly on social media over the weekend racking up over half a million hits. Some have touted the baby has being a demon. However, it seems to resemble more of a vampire overall.

Viewers it seems can’t get enough of this odd little doll. Whoever made this, had no idea the response it was going to receive.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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