Hidden Alien Found In The Forest

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Seen in this controversial video, appears to be an alien looking figure hidden in the forest. It is fairly tall and resembles that of a grey alien figure. Surprisingly, most people who have seen this video, notice the reaction (or lack there of) made by the couple who found this alien humanoid in the wilderness.

The couple seems so calm, making people believe this was nothing but a person dressed up in some kind of a costume. With Halloween happening soon, it makes one wonder about this entire video encounter.

Andrea and Jason Redman Prospecting and Paranormal alien

However, the video was first posted back on Sep 17, 2018 on YouTube by REDMAN PROSPECTING AND PARANORMAL. This channel created by Andrea and Jason Redman, is dedicated to the exploration of not only the unknown but ghost and treasure hunting as well. At the beginning of the video, they come across as bad actors it seems.

Others think this is real based upon how the couple reacts and how the alien appears. The quality isn’t the greatest, which gives something like this more room for error.

Hidden Alien Found In The Forest

While watching the video, the alien entity appears to have some sort of third alien eye protruding from his forehead area. It’s skin-like surface appears smooth. The color is difficult to see but the alien would likely be a neutral tone color like gray.

Other questions about this video remain. The alien is assumed to be observing these people. It doesn’t seem scared so much at first – before it casually wanders off into the woods. A lot of comments about this video have been made. Many of people are reacting by saying, this creature or alien is both scary and downright creepy.

Hidden Alien In The Forest

If this really is real, it would be tough to judge. How would you react to such a situation? Most people would let loose a few curse words or likely run away. The general consensus is, there are alien entities among us on Earth. Some think they have already infiltrated our very government and are changing the world before the great take over.

Most things are kept hidden to control situations and society. Is this another instance of this? Perhaps this alien was merely observing human behavior. The video continues to undergo scrutiny, as paranormal enthusiasts dissect it.

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