“Deer Man” Speaks To Virginia Resident

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A man named Paul experienced something from out of the ordinary in Orange, Virginia back in 2017. It was a typical day for him, as he enjoyed chatting with his friend on his phone. He enjoyed a few drinks and polished off a cigarette. As he reflected back, his estimation was this encounter happened around 10 O’Clock at night. The night sky, was quite dark on this particular evening.

As Paul wandered in his yard, he walked down where a steep embankment was. This area is filled with lots of trees and other brush. When Paul walked around this area, he heard the crackling of branches. It sounded like something running along the yard.

His estimation was, this thing was quite large. He couldn’t see which way it went but believed it headed a bit further down by the lake. His guess was…this was some kind of animal, likely a deer. During this time, he was still talking with his friend on the phone. He continued his conversation and not long after, he was distracted by a noise believed to be coming from the dock.

Paul thought that some kids were hanging around down there. But he wasn’t sure. Not long after, Paul approached the dock area. Stairs run along this location and they are quite steep. When he reached the top, he noticed something large running towards the stairs quickly where he was. Shockingly, Paul noticed what looked like a person with a deer head on. Was this someone dressed in costume? There was nothing but fur everywhere.

Deer Man Virginia Story

Paul’s friend Jimmy asked whether or not it had the body of a deer. Paul replied “no”, it had the body of a man. It stood there right next to him staring with its red colored eyes. Paul didn’t believe that this thing was demonic by nature but something else. Moments later this deer man spoke something to him. It sounded like four or five different syllables which were spoken fast.

Paul wondered if he had too much to drink but he couldn’t understand what this deer man was saying to him. He recalls this deer man being only inches away from him. He could have literally reached out and touched it but he was fearful and caught by surprise. Paul’s mind began to wander trying to make sense of this thing. Did it come from some other dimension or was this some kind of escaped experiment?

Jimmy asked Paul questions about it. Paul then explained, that this deer man had antlers that weren’t like deer found around these parts. Mostly white-tailed deer live around the area. This thing had antlers that were more spindly. Jimmy asked whether or not something might have caused this deer man to charge at him. Paul could not recall anything that might have spooked it.

Paul was curious about this deer man. So, he went back to the dock again camping out there over the summer hoping to encounter it again. One evening while camping there, he heard something at around 2:30 in the morning. His estimation was, something was about 50 feet away lurking in the woods. A loud crashing sound woke up Paul, as he heard snorting comparable to that of a deer.

There are native stories (along with other legends) referring to shape-shifters in nature. Perhaps a few surviving deer type men, still wander the woods in remote areas. Maybe this “Deer Man” was living upon Paul’s property. It makes some sense, with water and shelter being nearby. It is unknown if Paul had been drinking when he heard the snort coming from the wild. All of this is a fascinating odd curiosity, that requires more investigation. Perhaps Paul will give an update to all of this. Imagine a deer man wandering up to you and starting a conversation.

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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