Alien structures discovered on the moon

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On March 13, 2014, there were white structures found on the surface of the Moon. This was discovered by a user referred to as Bluebeard2011 (with his account on the video sharing site YouTube).

The app (application) used is much like Google Earth, only it is used to see the Moon, this app is called “Google Moon”. It allows users to navigate around satellite capture renders of different places which have been photographed.

These discoveries later captured the interest of Scott C. Waring, who is an Ufologist, writer and creator of UFO Sightings Daily. Afterward, he posted a video on his website highlighting these various structures.


The startling thing is that there wasn’t just one building or structure found, there were a number of them varying in shape and size. One noticeably was white in color like a ceramic type building. Some of the others included a matte black surface being non-reflective. A few others were comparable to a metallic type surface.


Certainly some sort of conspiracy has followed as NASA apparently deleted photos found, and posted alternate versions of them. Scott C. Waring posted the originals on his website, back in August 15, 2011. There were photos which were uploaded and now mysteriously gone.
Looking back at these particular structures have raised questions about what they actually are and what the coordinates were.


Here are the coordinates: 3°53’18.47″S 17°34’20.73″W
These coordinates can be used with Google Moon, to gaze over these incredible findings. The same user Bluebeard2011 marked off the locations so that users can find them much easier. He encourages users to look for themselves and start to ponder whether or not this is for real or some image manipulation done to raise a controversy.

A number of people believe that governments have been covering up the facts that aliens indeed do have bases on the moon. A number of well respected scientists, astronauts and different military personal have come to a conclusion that aliens exist among us. One can only laugh and wonder. This would be one of the most amazing discoveries in modern times.

Is this actual evidence we now have demonstrating that aliens are here with us not so far from our home Earth? Has NASA started a project on the moon secretly and we “accidentally” happened upon it?


(Looks like an alien face)

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