Wikileaks confirms that aliens do exist

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More leaks are happening with extended information in regards to proof of extraterrestrial life which has visited Earth. Some believe that the infamous Area 51 was been used as an embassy for aliens to meet discretely with higher up government officials for years. Well, as it turns out, it may actually be for real. One can ponder this and start thinking this is crazy nonsense—yet emails have surfaced which present some evidence of this.

The site Wikileaks has released a number of documents. Several of them mention extraterrestrial visitation upon Earth. It is clear that numerous sightings and reported encounters have actually been true. Many videos and photos have been floating around which clearly are nothing more than a hoax to gain attention. But with this newfound information, it seems that there may finally be proof of alien life and interaction with the human race.

Many archaeological dig sites located in different parts of the world, have been intentionally destroyed to hide the truth of things. The middle east is a hotbed of hostile activity. People live there in fear of their lives.


Different groups over time have taken it upon themselves to destroy statues, carved etchings and entrances to places where more ancient encounters and information have been documented. One theory about this is mentions the ruins. Wikileaks is publishing secret information, news, leaks, and other varieties of classified material from anonymous sources which has proven we have thought about UFOs/extraterrestrials are absolutely true

The pyramids and other large structures which tower above the sand have much more to explain to us about our past history. Buried far beneath the sands is even more evidence which can explain things which have happened in our world. The Wikileaks documents have given the most important discovery in our modern time and that is proof that aliens do exist and we have been around them.


NASA has tried their best to cover up in conjunction with the government about alien life however it is now a reality. This basically changes everything we have known in our history and what we were taught about our ancestors.

John Podesta now admits that on social media such as Twitter it was his biggest regret not being a part of the alien disclosure under the Obama administration. There is mention by the aliens about zero cost energy which can be used. This will forever change our world. However, can mankind set aside our very differences to exist together as one?

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