Japanese Man Sees Small White Childlike Aliens In Kyoto

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Not long ago in Japan, a man was on his way back to his Airbnb. It was around 11:40 PM according to what he remembered. The incident was reported to and documented by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

He said, “I was walking through courtyard right before neighborhood entrance, when I noticed two 4-foot-tall human-looking creatures jumping the wall of shrine and running away.”

These small sized creatures, seemed to resemble that of a human child but they were not human at all. According to what the man had to say, they were too small to be children of any age. However, the shape of their bodies…were proportional to that of a human child (comparing height). He went on to say, that their bodies were white color by appearance. They were far whiter than any Caucasian person would be.

alien white child Japan

Other notable details included these creatures having very skinny legs and arms. Their heads had pointy ears and their eyes were big black triangles. These short humanoid aliens, very much seem to be like black-eyed children. However, they may well have been something else entirely.

One other thing that separates them from other encounters, is they way they moved. According to what this man said, they were able to run with their arms behind them. After a while, they wandered over behind the corner of a wall. When the man approached, he said he made eye contact with one of them. Whatever it was, seemed to glance back at him curiously.

Humanoids shrine Japan paranormal encounter

While at the shrine in Kyoto, the alarm went off but no actual sound was heard. Perhaps whatever these things were, somehow could control all the sounds around them. Is this one way they have avoided being detected so easily?

Being terrified, he explained that he didn’t want to get too close to them. Not long after, he lost sight of them, as they turned past a corner.

If these were aliens, then they are from another time and place. They were here for a reason. Perhaps to simply observe us or they were collecting something as another possibility. Based upon the description, they seem to not be tall whites known as Pleiadians.

These blonde Nordic extraterrestrials, are thought to roam the Earth already. Pleiadians are believed to be concerned about Earth and its very future. One theory is, these could be helpers of the Pleiadians or another alien race.

This entire encounter, is based upon one man’s testimony. It is interesting and perhaps someone else out there has experienced something similar. Another man reported seeing a humanoid creature in a forest outside Kyoto previously as well. Alien visitation seems to be increasing in recent times, perhaps something big is ready to happen soon in our world.

(Source: Beyond Reality News)

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