A Man Died For 10 Minutes And Said There Is No Afterlife

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Imagine returning from the afterlife and seeing nothing. This is what an anonymous 21 year old man said after dying. He was pronounced clinically dead for 10 minutes. What he lacked to see, is what has many people pondering and worrying about. Death and the afterlife, remains a real mystery to us all.

This very thought of death, has plagued humanity throughout the ages and had many wondering what might happen to them. Most think in certain religions, that both a heaven and hell do exist. Maybe their heaven or hell manifests from what they fear or love the most.

Hell is a haven for the wicked where Satan reigns, while saints march on into Heaven among God and the angels there, according to varying versions of the afterlife.

The incident happened several years ago, back on July 3, 2017. It was then, where he experienced a devastating cardiac arrest.

This is what he said, “There were no God(s), spirit(s), deceased loved ones, memories, thoughts, not even blackness… Just nothingness. To say I experienced nothingness is an understatement, because it’s like it didn’t even happen. I was conscious one moment and the next I wasn’t. Then I was conscious again.”

He also said, it felt like several hours had passed by. He wasn’t consciously aware of this either. A vast emptiness of nothing or a void it seems, is how he best described it. Most think that a bright white light begins to shine, when someone dies hoisting them to Heaven. This person then ascends to a higher plane of existence.

It seems as though he wasn’t yet ready, to leave this world. He had more to do here, before leaving permanently. The then 21 year old, said after this experience – he now has a different outlook on life. As he contemplates life further, he now sees what is most important to him in this world.

His first post appeared on Reddit and then was shared around online. He then described the experience like a scene from a movie being cut out. His theory about it is, he wasn’t ready to experience any kind of afterlife. Maybe the human brain, is not yet capable of comprehending and experiencing what “comes next.”

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