Hospital patient found dead after teleporting into ceiling

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With so many science-fiction books, movies and television shows, it is easy to get an idea about people having special abilities. These people seem to have superpowers of some sort, which they use to save the day or drift over to the dark side.

Many people sometime throughout their life, have dream t about having a super power they can use in great times of need. These powers seem to be bestowed upon someone, especially when they are faced with dangerous obstacles to overcome. Perhaps some sort of evidence, has recently been presented about this.

hospital bed

Not long ago, a puzzling moment happened in Cape Town, South Africa. A nurse was doing her rounds within the hospital and checked in on her 61 year old patient. This man was transferred from the Paarl Hospital for undisclosed abdominal surgery. Later, he was transferred to the Stellenbosch Hospital in Cape Town. It is here, where the unexplainable happened on October 5th, 2017.

Stellenbosch Hospital in Cape Town

Stellenbosch Hospital in Cape Town

The nurse wandered out of the room only for a few minutes, as she was ready to change the bed linens for her 61 year old patient. When the nurse returned to her patients room, he was gone. It was as if he vanished into thin air. Literally, he seemingly did. The police searched far and wide but to no avail, they couldn’t find him.

It wasn’t until 13 days later, when his body was discovered in a peculiar location. He was found inside of the ceiling in the hospital, way up so many floors above from where he was before. This area is best described as being an isolated area. The hospital staff and police were are confused and had no idea whatsoever how he could have made his way inside the ceiling.

Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University

A spokesperson from the Western Cape provincial health department named Mark van der Heever said this incident is unexplainable. Nobody had any kind of idea, what happened. It is unlike anything seen before. Prior to this mans disappearance, it seemed impossible for him to physically move, as his abdominal surgery would have prevented him from moving around much at all. This only further makes this a unexplainable mystery.

When the man was found his body was decomposed and was trapped inside the ceiling. These types of ceilings are solid and not panel based. It made no sense how he was put there. Not by any logical means. His body was discovered by a construction worker, who was working in this location for renovations. To their surprise, they found the corpse of a 61 year old man named Teteteke Gqotsiwho. He seemed to teleport into the ceiling somehow. The circumstances of just how this patient gained access to the ceiling, is still being investigated. He leaves behind six children.

His brother Christmas Khethwane said:

“He could not walk because of the operation they did on him.”

“What has shocked us is the discovery of his body in the area – where he was found after he had disappeared for almost two weeks. We have not gone to the hospital to determine what exactly happened.

“We have been asked to go to the hospital (today) at 8am to establish what happened and what is going to happen going forward. We are not happy.

“We don’t know where to start because we were under the impression he was safe where he was,” said Khethwane, adding they were struggling with funds for Gqontsi’s burial in the Eastern Cape.

“We received a phone call on October 7 asking us if he was not here at home. We told them that he was at the hospital, but they said he was not there and that he had left. We then rushed to the hospital.

“One of the nurses said the last time she had seen him was around 5.15am. We searched inside and outside the hospital. We then came back with the police the following day, but we found nothing.”

“All we want is for the hospital to take responsibility.

“He was under their care when he died. All we wanted was for him to get help. They must contribute to his burial.”

Was he murdered and then stuffed inside the ceiling? This would be a more probable explanation. However, it seems that something supernatural could be responsible. People are wondering whether or not this man, had some kind of spontaneous teleportation moment.

Maybe his body reacted in such a way, it caused him to decompress into some particles only to reform later several floors up within the hospital. It truly is a weird case and has a lot of people scratching their heads over it.

Someone said: “It’s South Africa, we don’t have a track record of keeping people in Hospitals alive. Probably died and someone tried to hide the body for whatever reason.”

(Source: Mysterious Universe)

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