The ghosts of North Hall Library

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While wandering through the North Hall Library located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania one can only wonder what might be lurking around the corner. Many people have reported strange occurrences here, during the evening hours. If you are alone upstairs, wandering around in the archives, you may well meet up with something from beyond the grave.

Pennsylvania haunted library

Legend has it, that a student either leaped or fell to her death in the atrium of North Hall. The atrium also has another nickname “The Well”. It is questionable, whether or not she was pushed or fell on her own. Some believe that it goes further than that, as she knew something that she shouldn’t have and was murdered. The young woman’s name is believed to be Sarah. Others believe, this ghost is Sarah Woodruff, a woman who allegedly fell six floors down to her death, after singing by the railing.

Sarah ghost of Mansfield Pennsylvania

Both her and Harold Strait are believed to roam the hallways here at night, as their restless souls cannot seem to find a sense of peace. Harold Strait, was a prominent member of the Mansfield community. He operated Strait’s Hardware in town for 80 years, before retiring. He would later pass away in 1983.

A plethora of stories have manifested themselves over the years about these two ghostly figures, in the old North Hall building. It seems that Sarah’s story continues to be a favorite to tell freshman students, who attend here each year.

Ghost of North Hall Mansfield Pennsylvania

North Hall was constructed back in the 1870’s. It doesn’t appear to be like it was from once before. After a series of renovations and expansions completed back in 1908, these new additions it was later determined in 1930 to be not safe. So, for fire safety reasons, the building was later closed several times first in 1930 and later in 1970.

Mansfield Pennsylvania haunted library

If someone had died here, then they would have died between the years 1908-1930. It hasn’t been determined how many ghosts may be haunting these halls yet. Nobody has found the true identity of Sarah yet, as the rumors continue to swirl.

A Dr. Steve Siconolfi, who was a past senior administrative officer at Mansfield University, said he once walked up to the elevator doors in the North Hall library on campus. He called out, “Sarah, get the elevator for me.” To his surprise, moments later…the elevator door opened with a ding. Scott DiMarco, dean of academic affairs mentioned, 
“I have heard the sound of someone walking on the floor above me, with no explanation of who it was.”

Others have reported strange occurrences such as Jenn Magnussen. She said that footsteps were heard on the floor above.

Jenn said: “I had a friend tell me, they were on the same floor as me and books flew off the shelves.”

David Guinn, who works in the archives of the library, reported seeing a body part behind a book stack one evening. David said:

“I was working and looked up to see a heavily skirted leg, stuck out like someone was walking, It had a black boot and it blocked my vision of the desk behind it. When I looked at it again, it was gone. I don’t believe in Sarah necessarily. I don’t want this to sound like I don’t believe. I definitely believe this building is haunted, but by several ghosts.”

Guinn noted a lack of evidence in Sarah’s tale with his disbelief, but quickly added that he does believe the building is actually haunted.

(Source: Mansfield University and The Daily Review)

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