People Think Something Escaped From A Secret Underground Base In Antarctica

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As seen in several photographs, there appears to be a distinctive difference between the original photo taken back in 2005 and now in 2019. Darkened spots can be seen in the icy snow. The snow appears as if something was pushed out from the mouth of the cave. 

All of these photographs were taken from Google Earth and a possible entrance has been seen multiple times throughout the years. The location found is at Antarctica’s King George Island. The mystery area is suspicious and has some wondering just what exactly has been going on inside this cave. 

The size of the alleged underground base, is estimated to be around 75 by 75 meters or 246 feet wide on either side. One photograph taken back in 2007, appears to show an unusual looking object floating in the ocean below. This object was estimated to be about 14 meters wide or about 46 feet wide. The path seen in front of the cave seems to lead towards the ocean.

As time has passed by, the once exposed cave is now miraculously covered up by snow. Ever since this was spotted many have wondered what the purpose of this location is. Some suspect an alien presence is here, while others think the government has been experimenting with something in the remote place.

Whatever it was, it was fairly large and it either escaped or was intentionally placed into the water below. There has been much speculation about Antarctica and what is happening there. Other sightings have been discovered including a pyramid on the icy continent and some sort of ship believed to be from another world.

Is it possible that some kind of lost alien civilization has been with us all this time and thriving in the far reaches of this cold climate?

Perhaps they are living far beneath the ice and have some kind of habitat there. This location could be some kind of alien base used to probe the world collecting data on us. These aliens might be friendly or maybe not.

(Source: Anomalien)

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