Cloaked mysterious figure meets man in the wild

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Nestled away in the wilderness, was an encounter like no other. A man reported seeing something unlike anything else known to mankind yet. As he wandered past a nearby pathway (after finishing up his fishing trip) he looked over and noticed a cloaked dark hooded figure approaching him. Where this man was, is rather remote and his car was parked about a mile away. The only things he had with him, were his tackle box, fishing pole and a large sharp knife.

This was unlike anything else he had seen before and the weather quickly turned as a light mist began to fall around the entire area. It was also getting close to sunset and the man was tired from his long day of fishing.

fisherman on lake

When it comes to figures such as these, they can be nearly anything. Other stories about such encounters include the Hat-Man, Shadow People and even Black-Eyed Children among others. This however was something different, as it acted strangely upon approaching the man. Bravely, this man continued to stand there as his body trembled.

Calling out to this dark hooded figure, he said: “Hey, are you okay?” With no answer, this hooded figure began to appoach him at a slightly faster pace. This scenario would have scared away nearly anyone. However, the man reached into his tackle box, grabbed his sharp knife and began to feel a sense of dread quickly overwhelm him. There was no doubt in his mind, that this was something from out of the ordinary.

Just before the figure reached the fisherman, it stopped dead in its tracks seemingly standing on the path. It didn’t seem to move anymore. The man was puzzled by this, as he carefully approached this dark hooded figure. His vision seemed a bit blurred, as the reflection of light bounced all around him.

The fisherman rubbed his eyes briefly, before slowly poking his blade into the chest of this mysteriously eerie figure. It seemed to do nothing like a mannequin, it stood there motionless. The fisherman was confused and after a few moments he reached to pull off the hood of this thing. The fisherman’s arm was quickly grasped by the dark figure. The fisherman screamed as the face of the figure was revealed. It appeared to be some sort of robot. The grip was tight, upon the fisherman’s arm as he tried to escape the embrace of this mechanical fiend.

cloaked hooded figure

Unsure what to do, he yelled for help. But there was nobody else around. The man eventually was able to pry his arm free, after damaging the robotic hand with the blade of his knife. The robot was wet from the rain which began to heavily fall. It seemed like this robot was out of power and perhaps seeking a power source of some kind. The fisherman knew this was unusual and that this robot must belong to someone, so he wandered back to his car. Driving further back down the road the man hoped to recover this robot and take it back with him.

As the fisherman turned a sharp corner with his truck, the robot was standing in the middle of the road. Freaked out, the man swerved and tumbled down into a rocky ravine below. He was badly injured and passed out from blood loss.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself in the bed of a hospital. Explaining his encounter to the staff there, the police searched the area but there were no signs of any strange robot anywhere. The man began to think all of this was a figment of his imagination, until he returned home later.

After recovering, he decided to journey back to the same area, to his surprise there was a piece of dark cloth not far from where his knife was found, it was torn up from the metal of the robot. The man found some sense of peace as he knew that he wasn’t crazy at least in his own mind.

Strange phenomenal encounters such as these, can happen to anyone at any given time. While it is wise to travel with a friend when wandering out the wilderness, it is best to be prepared before beginning the journey. This fisherman had a day that he will never forget.

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