Strange Unexplained Lights Have Appeared Over Hawaii Recently

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Most are wondering what exactly these lights might have been. Some are speculating the lights were 5G drones and/or satellites similar to SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites. But this is hearsay at this point. Nobody really knows anything yet, as they anxiously await news from the Federal Aviation Administration.

A man named Jon Savage, released a photograph which captures the strange night sky at 7:05 p.m. from his Oahu home. 

Strange Unexplainable Lights Have Appeared Over Honolulu

Jon commented the following: “My wife and I were sitting in our yard stargazing when a line of bright lights came streaming across the night sky over Diamond Head in the direction of Molokai.”

Apparently, there were between 20 to 25 lights which resembled that of a Roman candle stretching across the sky. Another view also noted the lights who lives in Maui. These were rather large as seen in the photograph.

The National Weather Service (so far) has said nothing out of the ordinary has appeared on their radar yet.

Kania Faletoi reported this breaking story on Hawaii News Now. Notably, the Moon was quite bright and displaying as being rather big in the sky. No doubt others out there have captured video or more photographs of this most unusual looking sky. People can react differently to something like this, until they find an answer for it.

Theories of aliens observing the world is nothing new but is plausible. Could this be some sort of new technology being tested by the government or others.

Why has there been so many UFO or unusual sky sightings in the last few years? Is this some kind of elaborate projection of some sort to stir people up? Anything at this point is possible. 

Statistically, there are states in the USA that tend to have the most UFO type sightings per population and they are Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

All of these are located within the New England area. However, each state reports a significant number each year. It is easy to speculate what is happening but something definitely weird is going on.

(Source: Hawaii News Now)

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