Robber Dies Moments Later After Attacking A Pastor And His Family

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The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera. It happened in the city of Guarulhos, São Paulo (Brazil) on Sunday, January 27th. There were three different men, who approached the pastor and his family. They attempted to rob them when one of the men immediately had a fatal heart attack. He can be seen dropping to the ground in the video.

Robber Dies Moments Later After Attacking A Pastor And His Family

Several of the men surrounded the family vehicle and boxed them in. One of them opened up the drivers side car door and then dropped dead. In the video, one of the criminals can be seen trying to move his partner in crime away from the scene. He soon realized that he was dead after trying to move his body on the street. 

A car drives by moments later avoiding those on the road. Most certainly they were wondering what was going on as they drive slowly by.

One can only think that some kind of divine intervention took place upon this night. There are forces in the world both good and bad, a battle rages on between them. Moments like this, make one wonder whether or not there are entities all around us in which we cannot see such as a guardian angel or demonic force of some kind.

It was later discovered that the robber who died, suffered from myocardial infarction (a heart attack) and thereby died within a few seconds. The pastor along with his wife, later could be seen getting out of their car.

One of the robbers grabbed the bag away from the dead robber and then ran away from the scene of the crime. Both of the other robbers haven’t been caught yet, but the police are still looking for them.

The bizarre incident, soon spread onto the local news stations. Journalists said the incident was much like a miracle of sorts as some kind of divine intervention took place. Even the pastor himself said this was a miracle.

(Source: Anomalien)

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