Weird Blue Orb Hovers Over Railroad Track Before Exploding

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Whatever this orb was, it has yet to be determined. This blue looking orb, appears suddenly and later explodes as seen on video. This possibly could be digital manipulation, however others believe this is evidence of something more supernatural.

Vladimir Kartsovnik posted a video on his Facebook page, which shows this blue mystery orb in action. So far, the video has been seen nearly 1 million times since January 3, 2020.

The blue orb appears to originate from the corner of the forest, before hovering across a nearby railroad track. It is believed that this location is somewhere in Russia. With strange sightings such as these, it can be difficult to understand what they are and what purpose they have.

Weird Blue Orb Hovers Over Railroad Track Before Exploding

Perhaps this orb is a ball of lightning but it behaved in such an unusual way. These kind of sightings tend to happen quickly like a flash. Speculations about this includes this being some kind of atmospheric electrical phenomenon. As seen, this blue orb beings to drag across the railroad track and an electrical type pulse or discharge strikes across a nearby power-line. 

Whoever recorded this seem to remain calm for such an incident. Typically, when lightning strikes down it happens in a mere moment. This is likely something else entirely, which leads to speculation of it being some kind of extraterrestrial phenomenon. Other orb videos and pictures have been taken that are more related to ghosts. This certainly could be a possibility as well.

The video is reminiscent of a science fiction movie. When things like this are recorded they are the result of glitches. What makes this unique is that a video was recorded of it. This gives it movement and different angles for us to look at. 

For now, we can all marvel at this unusual wandering orb. Perhaps someone else out there knows more about this.

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