Blind Man Now Able To See Again, After Life Changing Car Accident

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Sometimes life is cruel, we do not know what is in store for us. People suffer from different things in their lives some more so than others.

One man named Janusz Góraj from Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland, lost his sight at an early age, due to a serious allergy. Góraj had an allergic reaction in his right eye. Only his left eye only could distinguish between contours and bright lights. 

Janusz Góraj from Gorzow Wielkopolski

However, upon a mere moment Góraj, would end up regaining his eyesight once again. Everything would change for him after being struck by a moving car.

While Góraj was by the edge of the road, a car suddenly hit him out of nowhere. A nearby pole hit his head quite hard on the hood of this car. Góraj then fell down to the ground below.

Góraj later told Polsat News: “I fell on the bonnet of the car, I hit my head, then I slipped down and fell on the road.” The incident that would forever change his life, happened back in 2018.

When doctors at the hospital examined him, he did have a broken hip bone. They operated on him and after a few weeks he sight kept getting stronger. To this day, nobody knows exactly why he could see again. It truly is a miracle to some even though he was injured from it. 

One theory is a mixture of different medications might have somehow corrected his sight. This includes various anticoagulant agents which may have been combined with other medications.

Agnieszka Wiśniewska, the hospital’s spokesperson, told TFN. “At a certain age such fractures do not heal so quickly, so he had to be hospitalized. At that time, the doctors weren’t concerned about his vision because of his injuries.”

Sometimes things simply cannot be explained. For whatever reason, he was given back his sight. After all of this, his life has changed and he has once again found joy in his life. Nowadays, Góraj works as a security guard at the very hospital where he regained his eyesight back. 

(Source: The First News)

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