Mysterious Creature Filmed Deep Within The Indian Ocean

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Whatever this was, it is assumed to be from another planet entirely. This mysterious creature seems unlike anything else ever seen before. Speculations are, this is some sort of alien entity. It first appears as a geometric type shape, then seemingly transforms into a squid-like creature with illuminating lights displaying from it. 

This bizarre entity, was first discovered on a video feed underwater. What is known as an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) was documenting this “creature” found deep within the ocean. The operation was exploring at a depth of 3753 feet deep. 

From what is understood, this video has not been tampered with. It was recorded off the East coast of Africa. Different octopuses have always been a fascination with science, perhaps this is another far more rare version of one? Anything is possible, but this creature seems to be unique. 

alien creature Africa underwater

One biologist named Bill Austin, thinks the creature in question is that of a comb jelly (ctenophore). These are jellyfish-like creatures, which swim using groups or rows of cilia.

Most comb jellies have cilia strips, running along the lengths of their outer bodies. It is understood that these types of jellyfish are predators by nature. This particular species, squirts glue from their adapted ‘colloblast’ cells onto their prey.

It isn’t known if the creature seen really is a comb jelly, but it could be. Speculation is, this is a new type of sea life found. Is its origin really extraterrestrial by nature? Maybe…as the years pass by, more and more sightings seem to happen. 

While most of them are fake, there are some that are rather questionable. Perhaps this is another example of that. The video shows this creature from different angles and remains to be fascinating to see. It is interesting how this thing seems to have lights coming from it, only to move sporadically around the ROV before vanishing. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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