Miracle Workers Channel The Power Of God To Help Others

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There are many people that can use a miracle along with a helping hand. This is what Rob & Aliss Cresswell have set forth to do. After attending MorningStar School of Ministry in South Carolina from 2005-2006, a couple originally from Chester, England have set themselves on a different kind of path in life.

Rob and Aliss Cresswell

Now, this duo have helped change the lives of many by channeling the healing power of God, to help heal the sick and weary. Both Rob and Aliss live by their faith and follow the Holy Spirit each and every day. Incredible experiences have happened to them and others along their travels. Aliss has even appeared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

They believe in all their hearts that they have been blessed with a divine connection to The Lord. Many people such as them, seem to favor religion in their lives for whatever different reason. Perhaps it was something simple, that changed everything for them. Others tend to have suffered a great loss or other tragedy in their lives, that leads them towards religion.

Believing in the power of Jesus Christ they have reached out to people all over the world performing miracles and inspiring others. Believing in something such as this is difficult because there is so much doubt in the world. Anyone rightfully can be skeptical about it. There have been numerous testimonies made by people, who have been directly affected by Rob and Aliss.

The married couple, continue to travel throughout other nations including parts of Europe and America among other locations. To fund their travels, they take donations and sell online training including books, speaking and videos. Tom & Beth Malone have joined them in their traveling ministry in the United States.

Both Tom & Beth Malone gave up their home, careers, wage and possessions after hearing from the Lord 3 years ago and trusting Him for everything that they need. Likewise, Rob and Aliss have been doing this for quite some time now, nearing 16 years.

Their mission is simple, to inspire people from all over the world to encounter God for themselves. People once not able to walk, are now able to – after their encounter with them. Bones have been shifted and set into their correct alignment as well. All of this is both strange and supernatural. Perhaps they have tapped into something rather extraordinary. Are these people messengers of God, like that of an angel?

Rob and Aliss said, “We thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers and support as we push forward together and see God’s Kingdom established here on earth. These times we live in are so exciting.”

We’re so glad the Lord has joined us with you!

Love Rob & Aliss Cresswell x

(Source: Aliss Cresswell)

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