Shadowy Figure Sits In Corner Of Abandoned Classroom

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An obscure video seems to show a demonic entity sitting in the corner of a classroom. Some think this is a ghost of some sort but its appearance gives off another vibe. Where this was taken is unknown. Allegedly, a group of teens wandered into the building and recorded this mystery figure, crouched down in the corner of an abandoned classroom.

Shadowy ghost in school

Whatever it is, the demonic type figure looks unsettling. It is quite possible, that a student either died here and this is their ghost or some kind of possession took place. Either way, it is one creepy video.

Some think this might well be a person dressed up in a costume of some sort. Anything is possible, as there isn’t much information about this. One thing is for sure, anyone who came across this…would likely run like hell out of there. The figure is scary looking, giving off a sense of dread.

There seems to be no audio and the video is part of a compilation countdown. If this is real, the teens who came across this, would probably be cursing and screaming out of terror. The narrated voiceover says that there was audio and that the teens did scream. The figure allegedly has one hand in its pocket and was wearing jeans. This leads one to believe that it could be a lost spirit of some sort unable to move unto the afterlife.

This location appears to have been abandoned for a while, perhaps for several years. It doesn’t look as though the school was shut down for very long time though. There would be cobwebs strung everywhere and much more dust scattered around.

The narrator suggests that this location is at some town. This is mere speculation. While looking at the windows, they appear to have blinds that are mostly closed. This makes seeing the outside location impossible. Was this done intentionally? Perhaps so. Maybe someone out there knows more about this mysterious video. It remains to be an unsettling yet creepy video. Why the school closed down, is a mystery as well.

(The video clip starts at 6:15 and ends at 7:17)

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