Magic spell scrolls found in Serbia

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It seems that researchers have discovered a series of spell scrolls from the eastern part of Serbia near the modern-day city of Kostolac. What these we exactly used for is another story, however they are quite ancient. The scrolls were found alongside the remains of a people who died sum 2,000 years ago. The scrolls were made from both gold and silver. The spells were discovered inside small lead amulets inside of what was once an old home.


While the entire text on the scrolls hasn’t been deciphered yet, researchers are still trying to understand their entire meaning. It is believed that they were used to invoke divine powers of both good and evil. This of course makes these scrolls that of neutral magic, with the user ultimately making the choice whether to use them for either.

The language used by the scrolls is Aramaic. Demonic incantations with names from several known demons in this region makes this a startling discovery. Chief researcher by the name of Miomir Korac from the Archaeological Institute located in Belgrade—mentioned that the spells were thereby discovered to be from Syrian grounds. Each spell scroll was carved with complete accuracy, it seems that each scroll was found to be the size of a candy wrapper.


Perhaps the mysterious scrolls have answers to further parts of our history. One day the scrolls will be completely transcribed by experts. Which demons these scrolls may summon or what spells that they may cast is intriguing to think about. Illija Dankovic mentioned “We read the names of a few demons, that are connected to the territory of modern-day Syria”.

Serbian magic spells found

The monetary value these scrolls have and had back then made them a prized possessions. The location once was the Roman city of Viminacium which existed between the 1st and 6th century AD. Researchers stated that these scrolls were believed to be buried back in the 4th century AD. Carbon dating will be conducted to further estimate just how old these spell scrolls actually are. This has still yet to be done.

It is believed that these spells may have something to do with what is known as binding magic. They were used to curse the living. The tradition was to bury them alongside the deceased hoping that their curses would find their way to their target. Either something angelic or demonic would come after that person in the afterlife. Sometimes the spell cast would force someone to do their bidding taking over their mind and body. Hopefully more information will be presented about these scrolls one day—so that we may learn from them.

(Source: Science Alert)

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