Aliens inhabit the moon and watch our every move

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As time has passed, groups of people have explored the moon. What is now realized is that the moon is nothing but an alien observation structure to watch the self destruction of mankind. Perhaps underneath the layer of Earth, exists a secondary alien species which has been watching us closer than we ever thought before.

An American citizen who has passionately watched and recorded photographs recorded by NASA (over the course of fifteen years) has compared what they had seen to the originals. The truth of things, is starting to show itself.

Things have changed and look differently than ever before. Some areas and structures have either gone missing or look entirely different in 2016. NASA later removed some photos which were exposed or kept some of them displaying a much lower resolution, so the details could no longer be observed as once before. One detail about the moon stands out regarding an alien base near what is known as Bessel crater. It is located north of an area known as Mara Serenitatis.


There have been reports made by space explorers who have seen unidentified objects while on their space mission such as the crew of STS-48 of the space shuttle Discovery back on September 15th of 1991. What they witnessed were several unidentified objects swarming around them. Officially, those objects were reported as nothing more than ice particles and nothing more.

Another instance was when the STS-75 mission. Astronauts reported while on the shuttle Columbia they witnessed hundreds of UFOs which flew around their nevetei. The details were photographed and documented. The incident was thereby classified by NASA as “unknown” and “secret”.


It seems that our neighboring planet of what we call “The Moon” is simply some sort of alien made structure used to observe us on Earth. If you think about it, throughout the ages, we have done nothing more than destroy our way of life, from depleting resources and starting wars over different ethnic and religious beliefs.

So many great leaders have caused or followed the orders of war from their consulting counsel. It even continues in our prison systems, many rival gang members lose their lives each and every day. It seems we haven’t learned much since the supposed existence of Adam and Eve from the biblical story.

Mysteriously, a number of photographs have been removed from records. However, privately some people have kept and still continue to look at our Moon, many are wondering what it might truly be now. Underneath the crust of the Moon, may exist multiple different alien species which watch us much like we watch our television or computer screens for learning and entertainment.


Tests have been conducted using the carbon dating method, these tests have demonstrated that the Moon is older than the Earth. Our planet Earth is unstable both with the inhabitants and the terrain itself. It seems just as we reach further success something comes along to wipe out progress. Examples of this are The City of Atlantis among others.

So many different theories have mentioned different end of the world scenarios. How we eventually will we wiped out may be known by a secretive select group of individuals. They ultimately hold our fate in their hands. Perhaps they will realize the greater good for the survival of the human race. What further secrets are they continuing to hide from the general public?

(Source: Disclose TV)

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