The Incorruptible Bodies

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Accidental mummification or divine miracle? Throughout centuries, the Catholic Church has witnessed a phenomenon known as “The Incorruptible Bodies”. Some think this is nothing more than a fluke, with unintentional mummification that happened to these people.

Others disagree, believing because of their divine connection to God, they were preserved as a reminder of faith in the afterlife. Perhaps these people had so much love for The Lord, that they themselves were sent here on a mission…to help restore humanity, love and kindness for all.

The Incorruptible Bodies

From what is known regarding the laws of nature, when a person actually dies…their body decays. After this, they become corrupt and wither away from the world. These Catholic saint bodies withstood time comparably, as their bodies seemingly appear to be well preserved.

Typically, a corpse left behind such as this will be left to nothing but a bone skeleton. Discoloration and decay leaves behind grossly smells and the body will decompose rapidly thereafter. As moisture seeps in along with varying temperatures, everything will rot away and eventually the bones themself, will become brittle and ready to crumble in some elements.

As science attempts to make sense of this, there have been dozens (if not hundreds) of Saints who have been considered incorrupt. Interestingly enough, these bodies all remain preserved regardless of the way they were buried. As an incorruptible, it does not mean whether or not it was accidental or deliberately done.

All of this is mere assumption, as each side has a story. These saints were held in high regard then and are now. After the death of Jesus Christ, these reported incidents became apparent. A connection was made early, regarding how these “incorruptible bodies” came to be.

To date, there have been a reported 250 incorrupt bodies discovered. Some of these notably include St. Teresa of Avila who died in 1320, Saint Catherine of Sienna who died in 1380, Saint Francis Xavier who died in 1552, Saint John Vianney (the Cure’ of Ars) who died in 1859 and St. Catherine Laboure who died in 1876 among others.

Susanna Donovan commented, “God decides when the body will decay, which is why some of the incorruptibles have started to decay after many centuries, while others, have not. St. Francis Xavier’s body has corrupted more in 25 years than in the last 400 years.”

“When St. Bernadette’s body was washed for reclothing, parts of it became darker, so they tried to resolve that with some help, but other than this, it is perfectly intact. St. Catherine Laboure’s eyes are still very blue and remain open without any help.”

“Some of the bodies literally were covered with lime or lye, and remained incorrupt. If you have doubts, then read the book entitled “The Incorruptibles” by Joan Carroll Cruz.  She also wrote a book entitled “Mysteries, Marvels and Miracles.” and “Eucharistic Miracles”.

A video was made by uCatholic on YouTube back in 2010, it showcases some of these incorruptible bodies. All of this really makes one wonder about the afterlife, faith and where we are going in today’s world. Everyone has their belief and they feel strongly about it true or not.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries Of The World)

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