Dead body explodes inside of funeral home

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Sometimes things happen, that are due to negligence. Either people either being lazy or they are overlooking something that needed to be done. Perhaps the simple mistake of being distracted, causing peculiar things to happen as well. This time, located at a Texas funeral home, a 38 year old man named Robert Cavazos Jr. unexpectedly exploded inside of his coffin.

The bizarre moment happened, when the corpse randomly exploded according to friends, family and staff. Angered, the family decided to press charges against the funeral home – located in Raymondville, Texas with the assistance of attorney Maria Perez. The incident sent shock waves across the community, as it made headlines.

Robert Cavazos Jr body explosion Texas

When Robert’s corpse was placed inside of the funeral home, a loud noise was heard followed by an intense foul odor. The coffin was cement-lined, yet the force was powerful enough to rip open the coffin from the pressure. According to attorney Maria Perez, the dead body exploded due to not being embalmed. Gases built up as the decomposition process started to occur. This created enough force, to fragment the body inside into many pieces.

Robert Cavazos Jr body explosion funeral home

Robert’s 82 year old mother, along with 20 other mourners at the funeral home all stated that they heard a loud explosion. The foul air filled the funeral home quickly, sending people outside for fresh air. Incredibly, family and friends could see Robert’s body, through a cracked opening made from the explosion.

They noticed that he was buried with just his underwear on. The horror of the whole thing, still plagues the family since it happened. According to some conversations, family and friends still have nightmares about all of this.

Dead body funeral home explosion

From what is known, Robert died from natural causes in his sleep. Robert was a big man weighing around 380 pounds. Both his mother and 18 year old son, were inside of the room when employees of the Duddleston Funeral Home, came for his 6 foot tall body. Maria Perez, the family attorney also said…the funeral home told the family, they could save upwards of $450 dollars by using this type of casket, since he was such a large-sized man.

After several hours when Robert’s corpse exploded, mourners stood in front of the Dudleston Funeral home. It was there, as they watched in disbelief, when a crane was used to hoist Robert’s body into the air, lowering it into truck later used to take his remains to the cemetery.

They couldn’t get their gurney through the doorway, so they called in some volunteer firemen and several police officers. They used two blankets on the floor and then rolled the body out of the bed afterward dumping the corpse onto the floor. Several blankets were used, as they dragged him through the house – as both the mother and son watched in absolute horror. All of this was highly offensive.

The attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Cavazos family, demanding $1 million in damages. Funeral parlor officials, have denied any negligence in the case.

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