Demon in the darkness

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demon girl

The origination of this story is unclear other than it happened in Oregon, it seems a younger couple who enjoyed one another s company had quite an encounter with a paranormal presence. They didn’t know what was waiting for them, until one day something rather unusual began to happen.

One night after getting ready to fall asleep, they heard the simple phrase “Good night”. Realizing that neither of them had spoken these words, they began to feel creeped out. The voice sounded like that of a small child. Immediately…they turned on the lights and looked around, there was nothing to be found.

After this happened, they left the room from fear. Turning on the television, they seek ed the comfort of distraction to keep them obsessing from what had just happened.

It was impossible to not think about it further, they both felt like something was watching them. Something was off, it wasn’t like it was only one of them getting this feeling…they both felt very uncomfortable with their immediate surroundings. Deciding to leave the house, they opened the front doorway when they heard this child-like voice say: “Mommy and Daddy”.

They turned and looked at one another, it seems this demonic force of evil took the form of a young child. It’s intentions were still unknown. Being both scared and uncertain, they left to drive to the store. The moment they drove down the road in their vehicle, they felt nothing but a sense of hate surrounding them.

Whatever this thing was, it hitched a ride down the road with them. After leaving the store they decided to spend the night at her house thinking that they would be safe there. As it turns out, the young man wandered upstairs after hearing a noise. It sounded like a dog growling. He is tired and needs rest as he needs to go to work in about five hours. After thinking clearly, he realized that his girlfriend has no dog. His fears begin to take hold of him even further.

Thinking his mind was playing tricks with him. His resolution to the situation was to start talking to whatever this thing was hoping it would go away. His voice raised with anger. After a moment, he felt a forceful tug at his shirt, he thought it was his girlfriend. A true sense of horror engulfed him as he realized his girlfriend was downstairs getting something to eat in the kitchen.

A picture hanging on the wall then fell, it dropped breaking into several pieces. This was the final straw, they both decided to spend the night at his mothers house seeking some sense of peace. This time they found no further strange things. They tried to get what little sleep that they could.

Before this encounter, neither of them believed in anything paranormal. Today they see things with a new set of eyes.

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