Grim Reaper visits Albuquerque cemetery

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When visiting a cemetery, it is custom to pay respect to the dead, but what if the dead or something else entirely was there? How would one react? In Albuquerque, New Mexico a figure dressed as the grim reaper or perhaps an angel of death was seen standing in the Rosario Cemetery near I-25 on August 10th. Nearby onlookers were shocked to see such a sight—including those passing through the area.

The setting of a cemetery has a haunted scenery about it. This state once was booming with mining towns during the 1800’s. The lust for earthly riches drove many from their homes heading west trying to get their hands on gold, silver and other valuables.

There were a few farming communities which flourished then suddenly fell silent. Many towns fell to the wayside and then completely vanished altogether. However, Albuquerque has since flourished and to date nearly 1 million people are now living in the 59th largest population in the United States.

This mysterious figure which stood alone by graves painted an eerie setting equal to that of a horror film. The scary sight backed up traffic and people even got out of their vehicles to see what was going on trying to get a glance of whatever this thing was.

Michelle Gonzales who witnessed this spectacle said: “People were saying some weird stuff, but if you were here you would thinking what the heck is that too.” This mysterious figure was holding a bouquet of flowers and was wearing a black cloak over a white dress and their face was covered. Authorities came to investigate what was going on after a while.

An update to this story reveals that this man is known as “Light Wanderer” and comes to the cemetery to pray fairly often. He apparently is a fan of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer which aired between 1997-2003. He was interviewed and said: “There is a place where sleepers sleep and dreamers dream and patiently await.” “There’s nothing to be afraid of except those who seek to cause harm, pain, destruction. He later added that people shouldn’t fear him. (What he said were quotes from a character in the TV. show)

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