Malnourished Small Humanoid Appears At University Residence During The Night

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This was shared by someone wishing to remain anonymous. It happened to them several years ago while at their friends house. They lived across from a busy two-lane road. Her home was at the college campus. 

There are tall lights around this location, making it easy enough to see some details even upon a dark night. In the front of the home, there are five evergreen type trees.

Inside, there is a hanging purple tapestry, it is thin enough to see silhouettes through but thick enough to prevent from seeing any further features. The front of the home has a bay window, that stretches across the entire front part of the house.

Upon one night, things took a strange turn. It was around 3:30 AM in the morning and this person went outside to smoke a cigarette. They had problems sleeping that night. While outside, they heard a rustling coming from the trees. At first, they didn’t think much of it, until they heard what sounded like two legs shuffling around in the leaves rather quickly.

From the illumination coming from the tall street lights, it made seeing things easier all around them. Their heart dropped, after turning around to see a smaller sized humanoid standing around 4 feet tall. It seemed to peak out at them, after being curious.

Both they and this unidentified creature locked eyes for what seemed like three minutes. They were in a trance and couldn’t look away. They explained an overwhelming sense of dread and fear washed over them during these moments.

The best way to describe this thing was it being malnourished yet proportioned. Could this have been a homeless little person? Surely, it was possible.

After all, many college students sometimes don’t get the nutrition that they need and live off little food to get by. The person explained this humanoid resembled Gollum from the Lord of the Rings franchise films. 

If this were true, then they certainly wouldn’t be a person but something else entirely. This might have been a sickly looking child. Perhaps even, they were a homeless person.

It is assumed some shadows along with the hedges made it difficult to see every detail. Of course they were frightened and decided to get the hell out of there. After hearing movement again, they decided to run back into their friends home and lock the door behind them.

When they glanced outside the front window, they noticed something run across. It seemed to block some of the light coming from the street lights. There is a parking lot adjacent to where this home is located.

They guessed that whatever this was, it soon scurried across the front porch area. It is unknown if this thing made any kind of unusual noises either but it is assumed so.

This person explained that this location is in the southern part of New Jersey. They didn’t think it was the infamous New Jersey Devil. It was something else equally bizarre.

The area is fairly rural and an estimated 10 minute drive from the Pine Barrens area. In hindsight, it may have just been a deformed animal of some kind but this is just a guess.

(Source: Reddit)

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