This car murdered 14 different people

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Everyone who owns a car, seems to develop a special bond with it over time. Sometimes however, something seems a bit off about it. A car that has been dubbed the most evil car in America, inspired author Stephen King to write the story “Christine”. It later was turned into a movie, released back in 1983 starring actor Keith Gordon and directed by John Carpenter.

Wendy Allen car Dodge Golden Eagle

This car was manufactured back in 1964. It was a Dodge 330 Limited Edition also known as “GoldenEagle.” This particular car, unfortunately killed 14 different people. First purchased for use as a police car, this Dodge 330 was used in the Old Orchard Beach area of Maine.

The area has a population of around 8,700 people. Here, this unusual car—quickly began to generate a rather sinister reputation rather quickly. There were 3 police officers, that each drove this car. Each one of them, all died from bizarre murder-suicides.

They would go on to not only kill themselves, but their families as well. True acts of evil were being channeled through this vehicle. Now, the owner of the vehicle Wendy Allen, mentioned that this car was indeed different, in every sense of the word. Fortunately, for the Allen family, the car never once turned upon them.

Inside car Dodge 330 possessed car

Wendy suspects that this car has killed even more than the 14 known people and the actual body count is much higher. During the 1980’s and 1990’s a group of individuals from the local church community, would go on to vandalize the vehicle. Those who initiated and organized the car vandalism—would each go on to die in horrible car crashes themselves.

Some of these incidents included 18 wheel semi tractor trailers decapitating them. It is suspected that all 32 people involved in vandalizing the Dodge 330 would go on to die under rather strange circumstances. Four of these individuals would be struck by bolts of lightning.

Wendy Allen possessed car Dodge Golden Eagle

Several children also died from this car. The first in the 1960’s and later the other in the 1980’s. Both of them were hit by cars and either landed under the bumper or the hood of the Dodge 330 “GoldenEagle”.

They died before the paramedics could arrive the scene. Perhaps one of the most insane stories about this car, involves a child who merely touched the vehicle—only to murder his entire family including the family dog. Afterward, he burned his house down. This happened back in 2008.

Outside car Dodge 330 possessed car Wendy Allen

Currently, the car is in pieces, after another church group—declared that a demonic force was living within the car. They stole the car, chopped it into pieces and thereby distributed it around various junkyards at different locations back in 2010. Wendy Allen, decided she wanted the parts collected and cried for help to gather the remains of the car together. The internet responded and most of all the parts were later found and returned.

The same church group labeled her as, “The Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach,” and claims she uses the car to cast death spells. Allen takes offense to people labeling her and the car as dark and demonic.

Wendy said: “I say, it’s just a car that’s been passed down in my family for years, and people are reading too much into the things that have happened to people around the car, because: look at me, my family, my friends, we are fine, aren’t we? If the car was hell bent on killing everyone, well, why isn’t everyone dead?“

Sometimes objects made upon the world, become vessels of evil and something finds its way onto peoples daily lives. This car seems suspiciously sinister, as many peoples fate was decided by this very vehicle.

(Source: Roadtrippers)

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