Woman knocked unconscious from falling dog

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A rather bizarre yet terrifying moment took place in China. It happened in southern China’s Guangzhou City. A woman was walking along the street, when a dog fell hitting her on top of the head.

Dog falling China

The impact was bad for both the woman and the dog. She fell unconscious immediately as the dog landed on part of her head. While investigations about this incident are still on the way, strange objects do fall randomly sometimes, even killing people.

Chinsese Woman hit by falling dog

Statistically, someone has a better chance of being hit by part of a plane debris. The odds are somewhere around 1 in 10,000,000. Being hit by a falling dog, likely even more scarce. The woman seen in the video and photos, suffered a comminuted fracture in her neck. She remained in the hospital for further observation and was in the ICU. They hooked her up to a breathing machine at Southern Medical University.

From what is known, the entire encounter happened within Yagang Village. This area is a rural part of Guangzhou City. As the woman was walking towards a two-story building, she was alongside her companion who was carrying a baby in her arms.

People are thankful that the baby didn’t get hit, but are also sad that this woman experienced something so bizarre as this. The status of the dog isn’t known, but everyone hopes it is okay as well.

One witness named Mr. Cai, watched everything happen. They explained both of them were on their way to get medicine for the baby, as it had a fever. The dog was estimated to weigh around 44 pounds. One street vendor said, they heard a loud sound hit the ground, comparing it to a big bag of cement.

Vendor Dog falling incident

The woman fell to the ground quickly after the dog hit her. It was thought that the dog wasn’t hurt as badly as the woman was, as it ran away after the incident.

Reporters from local television station, mentioned that the dog appeared to be someone’s pet. It didn’t appear to be a stray dog. Video later was released to the public showing the moment taking place. The dog’s owner still hasn’t been tracked down yet.

“We used to see this dog before this accident, but it has never shown up these days,” a neighbor said.

Chen Weijie, a lawyer from a local law office said, “If it’s a pet dog, then it’s the owner who should make compensation. But the injured family might have to pay for themselves if it’s a stray dog and they haven’t bought relevant insurance.”

Chen Weijie China lawyer

This case is still under investigation by the local police department.

(Source: CGTN)

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