About 10% Of People Have Had An Out-Of-Body Experience

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It seems like a high number but 1 out of every 10 people have reported having an out of body experience. Another statistic reports 25% of everyone had some kind of out of body type experience.

Either way, that is a lot of experiences. People who have undergone this type of moment, often tell tales of leaving their actual body. It is as if they were entirely weightless and began floating around like a feather catching the wind. 

Out of body experiences

Sometimes people are able to see themselves from afar and wonder where they are or where they are going to. They seem to lose complete control of their senses, as they drift off into another place mentally and possibly physically as well. 

Curiously, people seem to have sensations of consciousness, where they exit their bodies and then seem to view themselves from the outside, like an observer. It is like a psychedelic experience when someone simply cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not. 

Unfortunately, some people deal with this each and every day. They have to take medications to help them get back closer to reality. There are of course various different mental disabilities people face, as they attempt to rationalize everything around them.

From what is understood, out-of-body experiences are likely three times more frequent in patients with vestibular disorders, versus those without these disorders.

Mentally, people are sending the wrong signals to their brain about their motions. This tends to create confusion in the brain, as it attempts to make sense of the conflicting information.

Distortions tend to happen when someone has an out-of-body experience. People have reported size differences (so very great) from their new found perspective.

Either they feel smaller or taller compared to normal. Most of the time they feel dizzy, as everything around them keeps spinning. Motion sickness would likely set in (not long after) until their experience is over.

Out-of-body experiences have been documented for centuries, dating back to the 1800’s. These types of experiences still remain a mystery to science and the medical community. Perhaps something else is going on entirely to make people see and feel this way. 

One must simply think outside the box of what is around them. Minus someone being on some kind of drug or high, they rarely seem to have these kinds of moments. When the occur though, they are something anyone would remember as being anything like normal.

What is known about out-of-body experiences, are some of the reasons they seem to happen. They can be created from brain injuries, near-death experiences, drugs, sensory deprivation, electrical brain stimulation’s and from dreaming. The mind is very powerful and much of it still isn’t understood yet.

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