New Robotic Smartphone Touches You Back

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There are many kinds of gadgets that are helpful to everyday life. This time around, a new smartphone has been created that is well..a bit different. You see, this phone actually touches you back literally! Perhaps some people out there, aren’t getting enough attention lately. With Halloween coming soon, things are about to get a lot freakier.

Now, their very own phone, can give them a hand massage or even point the right way where they might go next. Technology is catching up to many things and people are creating unusual devices such as these. It seems as though the sky’s the limit!

MobiLimb phone addon

With people wearing virtual reality glasses and using their portable storage devices, sometime in the near future, people will be able to temporarily escape on their work break. They simply will plug their USB into their phone and wear their favorite pair of portable 3D glasses.

Phones like this are just the beginning. With new tech coming, advanced holographic projections are undoubtedly in the works as well. All the technology seen in comic books and old movies are now coming to life it seems.

Our future will be quite different than it is now and life will be quite different. This smartphone, has amply been given the name “MobiLimb”. Perhaps this mobile phone, is much like ‘Thing’ from The Addams Family television series.

thing Addams Family

Imagine your phone crawling around by itself from room to room. Maybe a tracking device of some kind, will be added and your phone and it will fix or move things for you. (like a portable mini-robot companion) An interesting thought no doubt.

Maybe in the future, all phones will be equipped with ad-dons such as these. Imagine the possibilities. Phones will be the new Swiss army knives of technology. After all, we can already do so much with phones, it is quite amazing.

MobiLimb phone

With MobiLimb, the shape-changing component can be used on different mobile devices. Essentially, it is a small 5 DoF serial robotic manipulator, that can be easily added to (or removed from) existing mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. The end game goal is to overcome any kind of human body limitations. Robotics like this, will assist us.

MobiLimb is a research project made possible by Marc Teyssier, Gilles Bailly, Catherine Pelachaud and Eric Lecolinet. It will be presented at UIST 2018, 31st ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium. The researchers are from Telecom ParisTech (Université Paris Saclay), HCI team of ISIR (Sorbonne Université) and CNRS.

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