Pennsylvanian construction workers capture photo of the Jersey Devil

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The Jersey Devil photograph taken

Recently, a 32 year old Pennsylvania construction worker known as R.W. was on his way back from work, when he and his co-workers spotted something peculiar in the sky. This odd looking creature, appeared to resemble that of the Jersey Devil. The legendary demonic looking beast, has been reported about for years.

No real photographic evidence of it has been presented until now. The men mention, this thing had the exact markings of the Jersey Devil, known from all the urban legends mentioned about it over time. In this part of the country it is a well known tale.

The Jersey Devil photograph 2017

One of the workers said:

“I was driving back from Philadelphia. I don’t really remember the exact part I was at,” he explained. “Me and my friend were in the car and we saw what seemed to be a massive vulture in a tree, it was getting dark out, so we couldn’t make out the features well at all. I told him to get his phone out for a picture.”

The Jersey Devil, is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. This strange creature has been described as being a flying biped with hooves. Other reports about it, give varying descriptions including it being a kangaroo-like creature with the head of a goat, having horns and leathery bat-like wings with small arms. It also has clawed hands and cloven hooves with a forked tail. The Jersey Devil, is swift and often shrieks with a blood-curdling scream of sorts when it travels aimlessly.

More of the history about the Jersey Devil, dates back to Mother Leeds’s thirteenth child. The story goes, that she previously had 12 children and upon the 13th one, she cursed the child from frustration proclaiming that it would be the Devil. Mother Leeds then went into labor—on a dark stormy night back in the year of 1735.

The Jersey Devil illustration

With her friends surrounding her, she gave birth to a most unusual child. After it was born, the child turned into an abomination with grotesque features including a forked tail, large bat-like wings having a goats head and hooves. Before leaving the home, this thing growled and screamed after laying waste to the midwife after leaving through the chimney, towards the pines of the forest.

jersey devil

Many believed that Mother Leeds, was supposed to be some sort of witch. The father was none other than the Devil himself. The legend of The Jersey Devil continues to grow. Now with this photograph, what was once thought to be that of a legend may be real after all.

The photograph was submitted to Cryptozoology News and was taken from inside the vehicle they were in. The weather conditions only add to the drama of the image seen. A blurred and rainy highway shows a few cars and in the left middle above the treeline, the proclaimed Jersey Devil beast is seen flying high into the sky.

(Source: Cryptozoology News and Wikipedia)

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