Man buys home finds dead body inside

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skeleton lying down

Imagine you are excited and ready to move into your newly purchased home, when you discover a dead body lying in the bedroom. That is exactly what happened to a man named William Wilson age 61, who bought his new $96,000 dollar home from a tax-deed auction located in Cape Coral, Florida.

The previous owner was a recluse living here—for a number of years nobody ever saw them. It makes you wonder what they might have been or how did they buy their groceries. After further investigation, the body found was identified as Carmen Garcia-Viso.

The home had bars installed over the windows and a metal gate for security making it difficult to see inside. This is typical in the Hialeah area. The reclusive lady moved from Miami and built this house.

Cape Coral home

The Police Department had previously checked this house several times, once on Jan. 29th, 2013 and on April 28th, 2013. From what Detective Sgt. Dana Coston said there were no calls for service and the home initially appeared to be OK.

Back in 2008, Mrs. Garcia-Viso was contacted over a watering violation. She could not afford to pay the $100 dollar fine as she could not speak English. After translation, she said she paid the sprinkler company.

The violation was later withdrawn. The home also incurred a three year unpaid taxes fine which totaled sum $3,980.96 dollars. The city of Cape Coral cut the lawn several times and treated it like a vacant residence.

Next door neighbor Liz Palma contacted code enforcement once again. This time she reported many times to the violation code officer many times. They in return mentioned that no complaints were filed.

The daughter of the deceased lives in the Miami area, she wasn’t helping to upkeep the property. This led to overgrown grass including both snakes and rats infesting this home. When Mr. Wilson opened the door to his new property, it was much like a time capsule.

There was trash all over, boxes, files of paper, old food, pizza boxes and bird feces. He mentioned that the mummified body had been eaten either by cockroaches or a pet bird which lived after she died. His decision about his new home purchase is still up in the air as he thinks about what he wants to do with the place.

William Wilson said: “I bought a house at a tax-deed auction. Apparently the reason it was full of unpaid taxes, the owner died and she couldn’t pay her taxes. Nobody ever came and got her, so she’s still in the house.”

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