Baby born four years after parents died

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Tragically, this young child will never know its biological parents. However, they exist due to the determination of their parents. Both Shen Jie and Liu Xi from China, were married for several years, before finally deciding on trying what is known as vitro fertilization.

It seems fate had plans for the couple, in a rather cruel way. Just five days before the couple were scheduled to proceed with the fertilized embryos (to be placed into Liu) the couple died in a car automobile accident. The car accident, took place in March of 2013, along the Chinese coastal province of Jiangsu.

After all of this, the parents of both Shen and Liu, fought for the rights to four frozen embryos, left behind by their late children. The entire series of events for the family, were dragged out for the next three years, ending up in a rather complicated and unprecedented legal case within China.

According to the Beijing News, both sets of parents would finally end up winning custody of the embryos in January of 2017. For 40 years, China had in place a controversial policy that only allowed for one child to be born.

This was waved back in 2016. However, families are still required to get government-issued birth permits. If they do not, then they may be forced into having an abortion. Chinese citizens can now request to have up to two children. The population of China is currently at 1.371 billion people as of 2015.

Both parents of Shen Jie and Liu Xi, headed to Laos in hopes to find a suitable mother. Currently, surrogacy is illegal in China. They were successful, as in December of last year, Shen and Liu’s baby was born in a hospital located in Guangzhou. Liu’s mother named the child Tiantian, which means “sweet”.

Baby born four years after parents died

The family went on to celebrate the boys first 100 days by holding a special party. Liu’s mother, Hu Xinxian mentioned that the baby’s eyes look like her daughter’s but overall the baby looks like his father.

More legal complications followed, as the now new grandparents…would have to prove their relationship to the child. This was done through a series of DNA tests, so they could keep custody of the child.

So far, the proud grandparents have not decided to tell Tiantian about all of this. Grandfather Shen Xinan, said later they will say his parents are overseas someplace.

“This boy is destined to be sad on his arrival into the world. Other babies have their fathers and mothers, but he doesn’t. We will definitely tell him in the future. How can we not?” Shen said.

(Source: The Guardian)

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