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Peculiar Photograph Seems To Show Bigfoot

Recently, a conference was held in Dulce, New Mexico. This location is filled with UFO believers and the like. Now, this place is known as a paranormal meeting place in the United States. Here a number of gatherers, discussed information about a photograph. This photograph, seems to show an actual Bigfoot…mistakenly caught during a camera pose in the wilderness.

Bigfoot Photograph Colorado

The photo was taken in Colorado about 13 years ago. It is one of the more interesting Bigfoot photos, to come along throughout the years. It was brought to the conference by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

When shared, the photograph garnered much attention from those who attended the conference. The man from Pagosa Springs (who brought the photograph) said he went out on a horse camping trip. It was near Square Top Mountain, in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests located west of Denver, Colorado.

He went on to say, the night before the photo was taken, he recalled hearing a rather strange sound during a storm. He best described it as “loud snoring”. At first, he believed it was coming from someone else with him in another tent. After realizing it wasn’t, he heard sounds coming from outside. It was there where he could see large shadows moving about around the location that was lit up.

This man went on to say, that the photograph seen was taken on the very next morning. He was trying to get an image of one of the pack guides with them. He did not recall seeing anything unusual from his memory.

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Strange Bigfoot Photograph Colorado

When the film was developed, there appeared to be figure standing in the far background, which resembles what most of us commonly think of as a classic styled “Bigfoot” creature. “You could see the daylight between its legs” he said, which was estimated to be some 50 yards from the camera.

Some local thoughts about this photograph, include parts of New Mexico, having a history of Bigfoot encounters. The Native people here (known as Jicarilla Apache) are nationally recognized as well. They are believed to be descendants from the members of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, currently living in New Mexico who speak a Southern Athabaskan type language.

During the Dulce Underground Base Conference held between June 23-24, featured locals along with national researchers, examined all the evidence around Dulce regarding the unexplainable. Disturbingly, animal mutilations and more have been discovered. These mysterious series of events, have led people to various different conclusions.

The Natives recognize and have heard about the infamous Bigfoot creature. They have heard and have passed down stories of a hairy beast lurking within the woods, in different places. Whether or not this is an actual Bigfoot seen, is up for interpretation.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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