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The Haunted History Of The Audubon House Doll

A strange occurrence took place in Key West, Florida back more than 200 years ago. A doll belonged to a little girl, who had died from a cholera epidemic that killed many other children during this time. They were brought to the Audubon house in Key West. This residence, was once the home of Captain

Dash-cam Records Bizarre Blue/Green Object Falling From Florida Sky

Seen recently by those living in the Gainesville, Florida area were strange objects falling from the sky. One man happened to have his dash-cam recording and captured one falling down. The orb-like object appears to have a bluish glowing hue around it, as it appears to drop fast descending to the ground. People are perplexed

Friend Photographs Alien Entity From Inside Of Car

Speculations about this are, the photo is nothing but digital manipulation. While this is a possibility, this photograph has since remained a fascination for many. Seen behind the boy sitting in the adjacent car seat, appears to be a bug-eyed alien entity. Is this someone wearing a costume or some kind of alien human hybrid

Zookeeper Dies After Having Sex With Alligator

This outrageous story couldn’t be true or could it? Allegedly, a 24 year old zookeeper from Florida was having sexual intercourse with a 12-foot long alligator. Another alligator named Brutus came to the aid of the other gator and attacked zookeeper Jimmy Olsen. The 24-foot long male alligator, dragged him underwater drowning him. According to