People are drinking milk from cow teats

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People can sometimes do ridiculous things, that may seem normal to others. Although this isn’t something new, it seems to be a trend around different parts of the world. People are drinking milk directly from a cow’s teat. It is unknown who these women are, but there are many different photos out there showing people drinking right from a cow.

Woman drinks milk right from cow

While milk is good for our bodies in some ways, it can also become a hazard to us during the scope of our lives. People can suffer from enlarged lymph nodes (swollen glands) from drinking milk daily.

Some people are allergic to milk and there are alternative products to choose from. Other options include almond based products, soy, coconut, hemp, rice, and cashew milk to choose from. Plus, some of these products contain more calcium than actual dairy milk. Milk is used in so many different foods, it has since become a part of our daily diet. Campaigns have been created stating “Milk, it does the body good.”

Woman drinks milk from cow teat

Many have sported what they call a milk mustache as well. Some think this is funny and even “cool”. It might well be to some people. While growing up, our parents, teachers and other adults told us that milk promotes healthy strong bones. It is believed that milk, can even prevent osteoporosis. In actuality, the opposite is true. Milk actually weakens your bones over time.

At many dairy farms, it is all about the bottom dollar. Cows are continuously being injected with different antibiotics and hormones, so they can stay alive longer at factory farms. It is believed that dirty bacteria and other toxic chemicals linger as well around the cows.

These poor animals are subjected to various different abuses. The cows are under stress, fear and pain, that further promotes different diseases in their bodies. Stress is believed to the the number one cause of disease for these animals. Likewise, animals have feelings too. It really is messed up, just how much stuff goes into our bodies that we don’t know about.

In regards to milk having Vitamin D in it, this much is true. However, it doesn’t have as much as what we get from sunlight. Milk also is very acidic, diseases linger in bodies – that have higher acidic properties in them. We also need good protein, which comes from various fruits, vegetables, nuts and different seeds. Milk was never intended for human consumption, in the first place. The next time you have a drink of milk, you might start thinking over alternative solutions.

(Source: Raw Vegan Living)

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