Umbrella kills woman at Virginia Beach

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Lottie Belk

Sometimes freak accidents do happen. This time an unsuspecting woman named Lottie Belk age 55 was simply enjoying her day at Virginia Beach. The day seemed rather normal for her—until the winds started picking up. The sea breeze can get strong sometimes near the ocean. What happened on June 8th 2016 near 33rd street after 5 pm was indeed tragic.

Virginia Beach

Lottie was at the beach relaxing after celebrating both her birthday and anniversary getaway retreat. Suddenly, a large gust of wind picked up a larger sized beach umbrella—plunging it into her chest. Eye witness Hugh Martin recalled seeing it happen right before him. He couldn’t believe it, it happened so fast. He also recalled that from the impact she was knocked to her side.

He said: “It went up into the air and literally hit Belk”. It was probably the most scary thing he had ever seen he claimed. Afterward, one family member went to get help from a nearby lifeguard. The lifeguard gave her first aid, but alas it was too late. Lottie was gone by the time paramedics arrived on the scene. They spent some time trying to revive her without any luck. The wound was tragically fatal.


The Virginia Beach police department concluded that Lottie was struck in the torso. Officer Tonya Pierce who is a spokeswoman for the police department said: “There is no evidence of any foul play”.

Ashley Denton Lottie’s daughter said that the beach was her favorite place to go. Lottie is survived by her two daughters, a stepson, a stepdaughter and her husband. Family and friends mentioned that she was a lovely lady, kind and loving.

This area has a solid tourist population which reaches around 3 million people each year.

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