Woman sleeps with her pet snake

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woman sleeping with snake

Many of us have pets which keep us company. They range from different shapes and sizes, however one lady enjoys the company of snakes. (In particular the python snake) (Python reticulatus)

This large snake can grow 30 feet in length. Smaller python sizes get up to 24 inches long. The (Antaresia perthensis) is the smallest of the known python snake family. They are most often found in Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.

A few species of the python family of snakes may lie partially submerged in shallow water. These snakes vary in coloration as well, depending upon their habitat. Some of them find the need to keep camouflaged. Their scales will range in coloring and have various different patterns to them. Pythons have two lungs a primitive characteristic compared to other snakes which have only one.

One woman decided to sleep with her python snake each night. To her dismay the python no longer seemed hungry. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her pet snake. Perhaps she thought she injured it somehow.

veterinarians with snake

Each night this snake would lie next to her curling up with her, slithering over her and snuggling with her as well. She enjoyed this as her pet python snake was showing a caring behavior. After thinking things over more, she decided to take her pet snake to the veterinarian. It was unclear why her snake stopped eating.

During this time the snake had reached a good 7 feet in length, fairly normal for a snake such as this. After further talking with the veterinarian, they asked about the snakes behavior patterns. What she then learned was shocking news to her. It seems her beloved snake was aiming to make a meal out of her. It was sizing her up to eat her.

Suddenly her blood ran cold much like her pet snake. She couldn’t believe it! Her precious pet was doing what naturally came to it. Slithering around her, it was judging how it would approach her to begin its digestion of her.

Her pet snake wasn’t eating, because it was saving its stomach for digesting something really big. It was patiently waiting to strike just at the right time and begin eating its prey. Up until now this lady slept with her snake, I’m guessing she will no longer be doing this anymore. Exotic pets should be treated differently, really any animal can be quite unpredictable in certain moments. Read this story about a Thailand man who bites the tail of python trapped inside truck engine.

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