Minnesota Mermaid Body Found In Lake?

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This is likely 100% fake. However, the man narrating this, makes this seem quite strange indeed. Seen in this video clip, appears to be some sort of mermaid creature, being moved from a lake location in Minnesota. There are several people dressed in yellow suits, seen approaching the water.

One of them, grabs the body of a mermaid looking creature and begins moving it. The other is seen holding a blanket preparing to cover the body that resembles that of a mermaid. A mermaid tail, can be seen in several moments of the video. However, the remains are difficult to see as the camera is zooming from quite a distance away.

Mermaid in Minnisota

These two men, attempt to get a better look at that mermaid body and specifically the tail seen. The creature was first dragged onto the shore where its lifeless body laid. The two men appear to be wearing hazmat suits from the distance, yet they look more like rain suit covers.

The likeness that a mermaid would be found like this, is minuscule at best. The video appears to be fake and is likely a publicity stunt of some sort. The idea of this is interesting though. Something of this “scale” would involve far more people in an operation, to cover up such a discovery away from the general public.

Mermaid found in Minnesota

As seen in the video, appears to be a creature that was already dead from unknown causes. A net and bag look, like they were to be used to transfer this mermaid over into. Clearly, the man was shaken up about recording this, as he seemed fearful of his life. If this was legitimate, the area would be locked down far more securely by government type officials.

The video seems to last around 4 minutes long. This man, attempts to capture whatever footage that he could with his camera, meanwhile shaking due to fear for his life. This man did whatever he could to capture any angle.

This video was sent to the YouTube channel Paranormal Elite, who first posted the video. The only thing known about the man who filmed this is his name being “Macky”. He said that earlier before recording this with his cell phone camera.

Allegedly, large sized military vehicles came to an area known as Lakeside Township. The population of this area is around 500 people, so it is quite a small place. From what is known, this is believed to have happened sometime back in 2017.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog and Hippypop)

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