The Loveland Frog Sightings

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There are bizarre creatures in this world, we never imagined that could actually exist. Many years ago, in Clermont County, Ohio something quite bizarre was allegedly seen. Standing a mere 3 to 4 feet tall, were small creatures that had leathery skin, with webbed hands and feet. They appeared to resemble frogs, only they were standing with their hind legs upright.

The very first sighting of these creatures, happened back in the summer of 1955. An unnamed businessman reported seeing 3 small frog-like creatures along the side of the road. They appeared to be huddled together, as if they were having a meeting together. The location, was believed to be within the southern part of Loveland located in Clermont County.

Frog from Loveland Ohio Sighting

The existence of the frog type men are difficult to believe, yet there are so many weird things in the world, there might be a small chance of their existence. Theories about them include, there being some kind of radioactive substance, that changed normal frogs into larger and more intelligent type ones.

It is believed that these frogmen have the ability to use stick tools comparable to that of early cavemen and cavewomen. Perhaps they even discovered how to make fire and use electricity, as they were thought to wield wands that emit sparks.

Another frogmen sighting occurred in 1972, when a police officer named Roy Shockey was patrolling by himself, along a street named Riverside. He was driving slowly, when suddenly out of nowhere, he spotted what resembled some kind of small-sized dog.

Thinking he needed to clear the animal off the road, he approached closer. Officer Shockey thought the animal was dead. When he wandered closer, this frogman creature hopped up on two legs. This frightened Shockey, as he pulled out his revolver and began shooting at the hideous biped spontaneously. It quickly jumped over the guardrail and into the river nearby.

Several weeks after Shockey’s sighting, another officer by the name of Mark Matthews reported the same type of creature, in the same area. However, this officer described the creature with a small tail. Perhaps this was something different entirely as details are limited.

More recently, on the night of August 3rd 2017, two teenagers were playing the Pokémon Go game. This happened between Loveland Madeira Road and Lake Isabella. They reported seeing a large sized frog, that stood up and wandered around on two legs.


A possibly encounter also happened near Evansville, Indiana. This location is roughly around 240 miles southwest from Loveland, Ohio. A woman named Mrs. Darwin Johnson, told others about her strange encounter with an upright amphibian. Mrs. Darwin Johnson, is well respected within the community and had no reason to make her story up.

While she was out on August 21st, 1955 she went swimming. She claimed that a creature from under the water grabbed both her knee and calf. Her estimation was, she was about 15 feet away from the shoreline during the attack. Her friend was with her named Christine Lambey. She confirmed that Mrs. Johnson was attacked by something. She was pulled under the water several times before kicking, screaming and jerking around trying to free herself. Christine helped bring her back to shore.

While it could have be another wildlife animal, Mrs. Johnson appeared to have number of bruises after the attack. Most notably, was a green stain along her right calf. It was shaped with a small handprint that remained on her skin for several more days.

A number of people believe these stories, while others think they are nothing but hoaxes. However, creatures certainly can wander from the wild into urban environments as seen before. Perhaps there really is some kind of small frog species out there, that are larger and far more intelligent. We can only wait for the next encounter to happen. Until then, they remain a fascinating speculation.

(Source: Cryptid Wiki)

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