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People Are Saying Mermaids Have Been Seen Off The Coast Of Israel

While many fairy tales and other legends and lore mention mermaids, perhaps a few of them are still out there. Not long ago, in the country of Israel, people have claimed to have seen mermaids off the shore. Tourists among other locals within the town of Kiryat Yam, are going to the coast in hopes

Minnesota Mermaid Body Found In Lake?

This is likely 100% fake. However, the man narrating this, makes this seem quite strange indeed. Seen in this video clip, appears to be some sort of mermaid creature, being moved from a lake location in Minnesota. There are several people dressed in yellow suits, seen approaching the water. One of them, grabs the body

Demi Lovato believes in aliens and mermaids

With her beliefs, she has been ridiculed by some people. For believers, she has been inspirational. Texas born native Demi Lovato is an actress, model and singer. Love her or hate her she has people talking about her paranormal sighting of a worm flying through the sky. She admits it was something otherworldly and is

Mermaid captured on camera

This extraordinary footage was taken in Kiryat Yam, this place was/is offering a reward for footage capturing a real mermaid on camera. This leaves the doorway open to numerous scam videos with people trying to cash in. Local officials have offered a reward for undisputed proof as numerous sightings have been reported. The reward is